El Cerrito Veterinary Hospital was established in the 1930s. The original hospital was not far from our current site, in a neighborhood known as El Cerrito.


We have enjoyed an excellent reputation over the years, largely because our philosophy is simple: Offer the very best in veterinary care at a fair price.


El Cerrito has thrived based almost exclusively on word-of-mouth marketing. We are fortunate in that many of our clients have been bringing their pets to us for decades.


El Cerrito is family owned and operated, catering to cats and dogs who are important family members too, something we never forget. In the summer of 2015, after 26 years, Dr. Donna Valerie was happy to have sold the practice to Dr. Julie Massey who had been her associate since she bought the business. Several members of our loyal staff have been at El Cerrito for as long as the doctors.


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